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Verdicchio, the gold of the Marche region .

A journey through the Marche vines

Verdicchio is the most famous and widespread vine of the Marche, the region among the most beautiful and least known in Italy.
The name Verdicchio derives from the color of the berry, which maintains evident shades of green even when fully ripe. Two varieties of wine are born from the vine, that of the Castelli di Jesi and that of Matelica.
The first variety owes its name to the town of Jesi, surrounded by picturesque hills crossed by the Esino, Misa and Musone rivers. On their banks overlook some of the 14 imposing medieval castles, or rather fortified villages, which for centuries have defended the city, small, but of great strategic value. In 1294 the emperor Frederick II  was born there.
The typical clayey-calcareous soil of the region, rich in silt or sand, and the sea air that winds the vineyards even 20-30 kilometers from the sea contribute to the exceptional nature of local wines It is said that the vine was brought to the Marche region late fifteenth century by the Venetians who moved there from the villages depopulated because of the plague. Since the '50s Verdicchio has established itself internationally, and large viticulturists who produce for export coexist with smaller but very active cellars.
The Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi has an excellent structure and elegance, a subtle and rich taste with good aging potential; thanks to its high acidity, the vine is also suitable for the production of excellent sparkling wines, both with the classic method and with the Charmat method.
The young Verdicchio wine is fresh, with evident fruity notes; the wine from the late harvest instead stands out in the body without losing its fruity character. These characteristics are typical of the area of ​​Verdicchio Classico, the oldest area. There are 23 DOC zones, among which is the Verdicchio Superiore, characterized by the high percentage of alcohol.
The Verdicchio Riserva provides 24 months of maturation before sale: so the myth that "the white wine has to be drunk only young" is dispelled.
Matelica grapes, unlike Jesi, have slower ripening, on average a couple of weeks, giving rise to wines with a long-lasting perspective

Let's have a glance to some wineries of the territory.

The historic Villa Bucci winery is a reality that has contributed to the revival of quality viticulture in the Castelli di Jesi area. The Villa Bucci, a reserve that does not need any introduction, was born in 1983 and over the years has literally written the history of a territory and a denomination The Bucci family cultivates about 30 hectares of vineyards in Ostra Vetere, small town in the province of Ancona. A wonderful place that hosts the typical varieties of the area: verdicchio, sangiovese, Montepulciano. One of his Verdicchio Riserva dates back to 1992 and is a real surprise for perfumes and vitality.

Near the village of Cingoli is the Cantina Colognola- Tenuta Musone, taken over by the Darini family. This company is dedicated to the cultivation not only of vineyards, but also of oil and cereals. It boasts a vineyard area of ​​about 25 hectares consisting of mainly calcareous soils and climatic conditions that are extremely favorable to the cultivation of the vine. The vineyards are cultivated with verdicchio and, recently, after careful research, the Montepulciano has also been introduced. The work in the vineyards is of fundamental importance for this company that firmly believes in the organic and natural management of the vines to express in the wines the unique character of these fascinating territories. a Among its wines stand out Verdicchio Classico Superiore "Via Condotto" and "Ghiffa".

The Brunori family, which has founded and led its company in San Paolo di Jesi since 1956, ensures that the tradition and care of the various stages of production and marketing of the products are respected. Located in an area particularly suited to viticulture for its climatic conditions, it sees a favorable element represented by the ventilation conditions, as we are on the average hill, in a position sheltered from the winds. Verdicchio Le Gemme Doc 2017, San Nicolò Classico Superiore 2017 and Riserva Classico Docg 2016, Alborada Lacrima of Morro d'Alba 2017 are very good products.


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